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St. Thomas Aquinas Academy

One-on-One Guided Courses

The most personalized level of support for our courses is the GUIDED option.  This option includes all the features of the live online classes – quizzes, discussion grading, and assignment grading – but the student will meet by telephone for private, one-on-one sessions with their high school advisor every other school week.

Course Options and Academic Calendar

Any of the courses listed on the Fall schedule are available as GUIDED courses in the first semester.  Any of the courses on the Spring schedule are available as GUIDED courses in the second semester.  Students in the GUIDED courses will not meet with other students, but they will still follow St. Thomas Aquinas Academy's Academic Calendar.  Course completion pace and assignment due dates still apply to all GUIDED courses unless the teaching-parents of an individual student choose to authorize skipping turning in some or all of the written assignments to the advisor for grading.


The registration spaces for students to enroll in the One-on-One Guided courses are limited to the number of meeting slots open on the high school advisor's calendar.  Please inquire and register as early as possible in order to determine whether or not there is a regular meeting slot open that will fit your student's schedule.

"How long and how often are the meetings?"

Students meet with their high school advisor by appointment for the One-on-One discussion sessions. Meetings take place every other week and may last up to 50 minutes if the student is enrolled in three guided courses for the semester. Meetings for a single course are usually 20 to 25 minutes in length.  Meetings for students enrolled in in four or more guided courses are likely to be set for 45 to 55 minutes every week. 

Guided Course Fees

The course registration fees for the One-on-One Guided courses are as follows:

  • $425.00 for a single course (per student, per semester)
  • $825.00 for two courses (per student, per semester)
  • $1239.00 for three courses (per student, per semester)
  • $1595.00 for four courses (per student, per semester)
  • $1895.00 for five courses (per student, per semester)


Confirm specific space and meeting times with your high school advisor prior to initiating the payment process.  We recommend meeting with your advisor and then waiting for an invoice instead of initiating the payment process yourself.

>> To discuss or register for One-on-One Guided courses, use this link to schedule a telephone appointment. <<


    Materials & STAA Study Guide

    Teaching-parents are responsible for purchasing the books and materials and STAA Study Guides for the courses through their favorite suppliers or the suppliers suggested by St. Thomas Aquinas Academy.

    Online versions of the study guides are available to teaching-parents and students to view on the STAA Student Zone website (login required). Students can use the online study guides while waiting for the printed and bound versions to arrive when study guides are lost or ordered late.

    Course Cancellation Policy

    The fees paid here is for registering your student in the One-on-One Guided Course(s) of your choice for the upcoming semester. The registration fees are not prorated.  Should your schooling situation change, a refund of fees is available until the beginning of the semester.  A $100.00 cancellation fee and any credit card processing fees (typically 3%) will be deducted from the refund.  Written refund requests must be received by mail or email before the first orientation meeting of the semester if your schooling situation changes and your student is unable to continue with the course.

    All coursework must be completed by 12/16/2023 for the Fall 2023 semester and 5/25/2024 for the Spring 2024 semester.  There are no discounts, credits, or refunds of fees for missed, skipped, or forgotten assignments. Furthermore, there are no discounts, credits, or refunds for missed, skipped, or forgotten meetings.

    After speaking with a high school advisor, register your student for GUIDED courses by selecting first the semester, then selecting the number of GUIDED courses for that semester, and then clicking "Add to cart." You will be emailed a form to provide your student's contact information and affirm agreement to the "Student Behavior Policy" after completing the payment.

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