18-week Course Plan using the third part of Frode Jensen's Format Writing.  The major papers/research papers are based on the outline format given in the first two parts of the book, where students practiced writing one-paragraph essays and five-paragraph essays in seven formal formats.
  • Jensen's Format Writing, Frode Jensen. Master Books, 2016. Print edition.
  • MLA 9 Simplified: Easy Way Guide to MLA Handbook: Updated for the MLA 9th Edition Handbook (Student Citation Styles), Appearance Publishers. Independently published, 2021.
  • Writing Handbook, Michael P. Kammer and Charles W. Mulligan. Loyola University Press, 1953. Print.
  • Optional.  Spring Live Class: Research Papers, St. Thomas Aquinas Academy. Online Class.


Basic information about the books and materials for this course follows; see your Academic Packet or STAA Study Guide for full ordering details and commentary about each resource.

A portion of every purchase made on Amazon after following the links here goes to help support St. Thomas Aquinas Academy's work. Thank you so very much for thinking of STAA when placing your book and general Amazon orders.

Jensen's Format Writing

  • Author: Frode Jensen
  • Publisher/Copyright: Master Books, 2016. Print edition.
  • ISBN: 0890519927        978-0890519929
  • Supplier: Rainbow Resource
160 pgs; seven parts; tests; answer key; teacher’s notes; evaluation forms; index. DVD lectures to expand upon student text are also available from Rainbow Resource, but are not required. We use this book for three semesters. The page numbers, not the content, changed between the 2006 and 2016 editions of "Format Writing." The 2006 edition page numbers are listed in the STAA Study Guide followed by brackets with the 2016 edition page numbers.

MLA 9 Simplified: Easy Way Guide to MLA Handbook: Updated for the MLA 9th Edition Handbook (Student Citation Styles)

  • Author: Appearance Publishers
  • Publisher/Copyright: Independently published, 2021. .
  • ISBN:        979-8505819418
  • Supplier: Retail or
98 pages. One of many MLA style guides. Our course plans reference the free online resource from Purdue -- the Online Writing Lab (OWL) website -- but students are welcome to use this simplified handbook or another instead of visiting the OWL website.

Writing Handbook

  • Author: Michael P. Kammer and Charles W. Mulligan
  • Publisher/Copyright: Loyola University Press, 1953. Print.
  • ISBN:        
  • Supplier: Our Lady of Victory School
Hardcover, 592 pages. Originally published by Loyola University Press in 1953, and now by Lepanto Press, this is a reference manual to accompany the practice of grammar, punctuation, composition, and essay writing. Topics include parts of speech, syntax, punctuation, spelling rules, diagraming, sentences, paragraphs, expository writing, and much more. This is a decidedly Catholic text, with a delightful section dedicated to explaining the capitalization rules for religious terms such as the names of God, the Blessed Virgin, and papacy as well as religious, military, and social titles. St. Thomas Aquinas Academy looks to "Writing Handbook" as the in-house writing style handbook. "Warriner's English Grammar and Composition" by John Warriner or "A Writer's Reference with MLA Update" by Diana Hacker are also fine manuals for grammar and writing style. "Writing Handbook" is a non-consumable manual, one copy per household is sufficient. Order the Lepanto Press reprint from Our Lady of Victory School or look on Amazon for a used copy of any printing from 1953 to the last Loyola University Press printing which is, we believe, 1991.


Spring Live Class: Research Papers

  • Author: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy
  • ISBN:        
  • Supplier: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy
Small-group, advisor-led live online class for students in Grades 11 and 12 that meets every other academic week of the second semester. Advisor grading of assignments is also available for students registered for this live class.


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