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Books and materials are purchased separately through your favorite or our recommended suppliers. Costs for materials can range from $350.00 to $600.00 per child, depending on the grade levels of your children and the resources already available to you. Many of the materials are used for two or more years and most are non-consumable.  All ordering information will be included along with the course plans in the Academic Packet your advisor prepares for your student.

The semester study guides for high school students can be ordered from the printer after the evaluation and planning appointment with your academic advisor.  Semester study guides are approximately $59.95 each (plus shipping).  Be sure to budget roughly $120.00 per high school student into your annual book budget to cover the cost of the high school study package (See STAA Study Guides).


Families Enrolling with St. Thomas Aquinas Academy

Your academic advisor will help select the books best suited for your student's skill level through the assessment and planning process. You may be advised to use books other than those on the standard list recommended for your student's grade level.

The following pages list the books associated with St. Thomas Aquinas Academy's courses.  The courses are grouped by subject and arranged in alphabetical order.

We strongly advise families wait to order books until after the Course of Study planning appointment to be sure to purchase the appropriate levels -- this is especially important since St. Thomas Aquinas Academy is not a one-size-fits-all program. Your advisor will help tailor the STAA program to meet your family's specific academic needs, not just assign a grade level and ISBN numbers to match. It will be worth the wait!


The following linked sections include the lists of essential resources for each course.  Links to specific books on Amazon are provided on each course page as well as links to our recommended suppliers for books that are not reliably or affordably available on Amazon.  ISBN numbers, translators, and edition details are provided when necessary so you can be sure to bring home the versions that match the weekly course plans in your Academic Packets and Study Guides as well as the STAA Student Zone's online quizzes.

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