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St. Thomas Aquinas Academy offers web-enhanced, instructor-supported, live high school courses for Catholic homeschooling families.  Our courses in the classical liberal arts aid parents in introducing their teens to the great books of Western Civilization. The courses focus on developing the student’s ability to read carefully, think critically about the readings, and grasp the great ideas in literature, theology, history, philosophy, and the physical sciences. Students learn to express their understanding in both written assignments and oral discussions.

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy's courses explore the works of the great writers and thinkers in Western Civilization, from the ancient Greeks and Romans, Scripture, Saints and Church Doctors, Renaissance poets, to America’s founders.  By understanding the great ideas and the cultural environment in which they arose, students will connect with the past and better understand the present. 

Too often the trend in modern secularized education is toward career training and early specialization at the expense of that liberal arts education in which theology is the crown. Our courses emulate, rather, the wholesome traditional liberal arts education of the student as a person.  To borrow from the writings of philosopher and educator Mortimer Adler, "The ultimate goal of the educational process is to help human beings become educated persons. Schooling is the preparatory stage; it forms the habit of learning and provides the means for continuing to learn after all schooling is completed."  Classical, liberal arts learning allows students to "add to their knowledge, develop their intellectual powers, and enlarge their understanding beyond the level of attainment set for basic schooling."  It is to that solid foundation that students are able to successfully layer on the specialized training required in their college majors, careers, and vocations.

Whether or not your student is formally enrolled in the full St. Thomas Aquinas Academy homeschool program, he or she is welcome to join our live classes in writing, reasoning, religion, literature, history, economics, government, fine arts, and the natural sciences.  We offer a variety of options for students looking for a live, online class or guided semester:

  1. Live Classes with Graded Discussions: Small group, seminar-style teleconference discussions directed by the advisor every other school week.
  2. Live Classes with Graded Discussions and Graded Assignments: Same advisor-led class meetings as the previous option, as well as graded assignments.  Writing and reasoning courses, which meet every Tuesday, are available under this option.
  3. One-on-One Guided Courses: This option includes one-on-one telephone meetings between the advisor and student every other school week as well as graded assignments. 

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