2023-24 Academic Calendar

  • Live Classes meet every other week according to whether they are on the ♞Black Schedule track or the ♘White Schedule track.  Each meeting is seventy-five minutes long.
  • ✪ Essential Schedule courses in writing and reasoning meet every Tuesday for seventy-five minutes.
  • General orientation seminars that introduce parents and students to the STAA Student Zone and STAA Study Guides take place in Week A.  Live class orientation meetings take place in Week B. 
  • Be sure to schedule your free consultation to discuss class registration before Week A.

First Semester

Fall 2023 Academic Calendar

Second Semester

Spring 2024 Academic Calendar

  • STAA Study Guides

    Guides for high school students that include weekly reading plans, assignments, reflection topics, and gradebooks for the semester.

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  • Live Online Classes

    Classical, liberal arts courses for Catholic homeschoolers. Learn more and view the schedules for the Fall and Spring semesters.

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  • Speak with an Advisor

    Arrange a no-cost, no-obligation telephone meeting with a high school advisor to discuss placement.

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