Part II: This is the second part of a two-part course, a continuation of the study started in Old Testament I.  This is an optional semester.  If you decide to drop Old Testament II, skip to OT2 Week 09 to complete the readings, discussion, and paper about the Book of Job and  turn OT2 Reflection Paper 09 (Job) in with the work samples for Old Testament I.


Basic information about the books and materials for this course follows; see your Academic Packet or STAA Study Guide for full ordering details and commentary about each resource.

A portion of every purchase made on Amazon after following the links here goes to help support St. Thomas Aquinas Academy's work. Thank you so very much for thinking of STAA when placing your book and general Amazon orders.

Semester 2: Greek Studies IIB Study Guide

  • Author: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy
  • Publisher/Copyright: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, . Softcover coil-bound workbook.
  • ISBN:        
  • Supplier: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy
Student study guides and course plans for the second semester of the Greek Studies, B Track cycle. Designed to work in conjunction with STAA advisor support, our live classes, or the "Independent Study with Online Support" option, the STAA Study Guides include weekly reading plans, assignment directions, reflection topics, and gradebooks for the semester and help prepare students for the weekly, graded online quizzes. This guide includes multiple subjects. To further personalize your student's plan, single-subject study guides are available at www.shop.staahomeschool.com.

Introduction to the Bible

  • Author: Fr. John Laux
  • Publisher/Copyright: TAN Books, 1932, 1990. Print.
  • ISBN: 0895553961        978-0895553966
  • Supplier: Seton Press
Imprimatur; 326 pgs.; 3 units; appendix; index.

The Holy Bible, Revised Standard Version, Second Catholic Edition

  • Publisher/Copyright: Ignatius Press, 2006. Print.
  • ISBN: 0898708338        978-0898708332
  • Supplier: Retail or Amazon.com
While we use this edition of the Bible, any Catholic version in hardcover or paperback will suffice.

Ruled Index Cards, 3 x 5 Inches, White, 100 Pack

  • ISBN:        
  • Supplier: Retail or Amazon.com
Available at any office supply store.

Catechism of the Catholic Church

  • Author: U.S. Catholic Church
  • Publisher/Copyright: USCCB Publishing, 2000. Print.
  • ISBN: 0385479670        978-0385479677
  • Supplier: Retail or Amazon.com
846 pages. Any edition from any publisher will do. It is standard practice to reference the Catechism as "CCC" in print. The STAA course plans follow this practice.

STAA Student Zone

  • Author: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy
  • Publisher/Copyright:
  • ISBN: n/a        
  • Supplier: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy Student Zone
There are online resources such as weekly reading quizzes, special downloads, advisor support through the Q & A forum, occasional slide shows or videos, and more for this course. To activate your student's online access, 1) submit the Course Registration form after your annual planning appointment, 2) register for the live class, or 3) register for the "Independent Study with Online Support Option." After completing one of the registration options, students (and teaching-parents) may use their usernames and passwords to sign into the member site. The STAA Student Zone is available each school year from August 1 to July 15.


Spring Live Class: Old Testament II

  • Author: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy
  • ISBN:        
  • Supplier: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy
Small-group, advisor-led live online class for students in Grades 9 through 12 that meets every other academic week of the second semester. Advisor grading of assignments is also available for students registered for this live class.


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