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Liberal Arts Education

"We see that you offer live and guided classes in 'writing, reasoning, religion, literature, history, economics, government, fine arts, and the natural sciences,' but what about mathematics and languages? Aren't those important parts of a classical, liberal arts education?"

Mathematics and languages ARE important parts of classical, liberal arts education! However, we have always found that math and language studies benefit from daily attention in the homeschool rather than once-a-week meetings or once-every-other-week meetings. Through the skills assessment and academic planning process offered by the full St. Thomas Aquinas Academy program, we will be delighted to offer placement, resources, and study advice to help you guide your students through math and languages. Details about the full STAA program can be found in the main section of our website.

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"My high school student has some special learning needs—are the live, online classes right for him?"

There is quite a bit of flexibility built into the LIVE classes, but be sure to arrange a phone call with an advisor as soon as you can so we can discuss your son's needs. Strategies such as adding audio versions of the books to follow along with help many students stay on track with the pace of the courses. A student that studies the readings to find at least little bits to treasure and talk about during each class meeting is welcome to join the Live Classes with Graded Discussions. This option leaves the quantity and type of writing to the teaching-parent to determine based on the needs of the individual child.




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