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Semester 1 of 2: High school biology paired with an introduction to the relationship between science and the theology of creation.  Campbell Essential Biology (4th Edition), Biology: A Self-Teaching Guide (2nd Edition), and Human Anatomy Coloring Book guide the study of biology while Christopher Baglow's Faith, Science, and Reason (2nd Edition) offers a Catholic perspective on the origin of the universe, the origin of life, and the creation and purpose of man.
       This course is best for students in Grades 11 or 12 that have recently completed St. Thomas Aquinas Academy's Astronomy IB and IIB course.  Younger students are encouraged to study Biology IB and IIB.



Campbell Essential Biology 4e [ORDER USED]

  • Author: Eric J. Simon, et. al.
  • Publisher/Copyright: San Francisco, CA: Benjamin Cummings/Pearson, 2010. Print.
  • ISBN: 0321652894        978-0321652898
  • Supplier: Retail or

544 pages. Order the FOURTH EDITION used. This is a secular, lower division college text for non-science majors that is highly readable with amazing visuals. However, it is a SECULAR text with some objectionable content about the human person. We pair this book with a text about the Catholic Church and faithful science.


Biology: A Self-Teaching Guide, 2nd Edition

  • Author: Steven D. Garber
  • Publisher/Copyright: Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2002. Print.
  • ISBN: 0471223301        978-0471223306
  • Supplier: Retail or

384 pages.


Faith, Science, and Reason: Theology on the Cutting Edge (2nd Edition)

  • Author: Christopher T. Baglow
  • Publisher/Copyright: : Midwest Theological Forum, 2019. Print.
  • ISBN: 193923199X        978-1939231994
  • Supplier: Midwest Theological Forum

Non-consumable; hard cover. The FIRST and SECOND Editions are not compatible. Be sure to order by using the ISBN number.


DOWNLOAD: Quarter End Tests

  • Author: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy
  • Publisher/Copyright: Reno: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, 2017. PDF.
  • ISBN: n/a        
  • Supplier: St. Thomas Aquinas Academy Student Zone

The quarter end tests for this course can be found in the Teaching-Parent Resource Library. Sign in to the Student Zone with your teaching-parent username and password, click on the Teaching-Parent Resource Library, click on the APPENDIX OF FORMS, and look up the name of this course to download/print the PDF document. Do not share the quarter end tests with your students before the scheduled in-class testing period.


Colored Pencils (Prismacolor 24 Color Pencil Set recommended)

  • ISBN: n/a        
  • Supplier: Retail or

Art and science assignments often call for colored pencils. Students will need at least the colors of the rainbow, black, gray, and white. Any brand or pack of colored pencils will do. Pencil texture, number of colors, and price make the Prismacolor set of pencils our favorite.


Plastic Folder/Report Cover with prongs for 3-hole punched paper

  • ISBN:        
  • Supplier: Retail or

Available at any office supply store. The Amazon link here is to provide an image of the type of folder to look for. Only one folder is needed for the semester.



Froguts Virtual Biology Lab

Our favorite virtual biology lab site,, has been shifted to a free download. Please go to to read the message from the creators and obtain the download.







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