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Part II: This is the second part of a two-part course, a continuation of the study started in Roman Literature I.  18-week course plan: Plautus: the Pot of Gold and Other Plays (tr. E.F. Watling); The Comedy of Errors (William Shakespeare/Folger Shakespeare Library); Terence: The Comedies (tr. Peter Brown); Marcus Aurelius: Meditations (tr. Martin Hammond);  St. Augustine: City of God (tr. Etienne Gilson).



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    Plautus: The Pot of Gold and Other Plays (Penguin Classics)

    • Author: Plautus
    • Publisher/Copyright: London: Penguin Classics, 1965. Print.
    • Translator: E.F. Watling
    • ISBN: 0140441492        978-0140441499
    • Supplier: Retail or

    272 pages

    The Comedy of Errors (Folger Shakespeare Library)

    • Author: William Shakespeare
    • Publisher/Copyright: New York: Washington Square Press, 2004. Print.
    • ISBN: 0743484886        978-0743484886
    • Supplier: Retail or

    Terence : The Comedies

    • Author: Terence
    • Publisher/Copyright: Oxford, NY: Oxford University Press, USA, 2006. Print.
    • Translator: Peter Brown
    • ISBN: 0199556032        978-0199556038
    • Supplier: Retail or

    368 pages

    Marcus Aurelius : Meditations

    • Author: Marcus Aurelius
    • Publisher/Copyright: London: Penguin Classics, 2006. Print.
    • Translator: Martin Hammond
    • ISBN: 0140449337        978-0140449334
    • Supplier: Retail or

    304 Pages

    St. Augustine : City of God

    • Author: St. Augustine
    • Publisher/Copyright: New York, NY: Doubleday, 1958. Print.
    • Translator: Walsh, Zema, Monahan and Honan
    • ISBN: 0385029101        
    • Supplier: Retail or

    560 pages; Image; Abridged Ed edition (January 19, 1958); 22 books; index


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