Payment Plans

Payments plans are available for the live classes.  Request a payment plan by either arranging a meeting with an advisor (use this link) or by sending an email listing the courses you wish to register your student for (use this form here).  You will then be sent a link to activate a three- or four-month payment plan.  The payment plan will break the live class registration for the semester into three or four equal payments that will be automatically billed to the credit card on file once each month until the balance is paid in full.  Note, too, that there is a non-refundable $20.00 payment plan activation fee applied to the first payment in the payment plan series.

Following are the important deadlines for activating a payment plan.  Be sure to request the payment plan well before the activation deadlines so there is time for our staff to work up your estimate, confirm the grading options, apply any available discounts, and email the payment plan link so you can look it over and activate it by submitting the first payment before the deadline.

  • Activate a four-month payment plan for the Fall semester before May 31.
  • Activate a three-month payment plan for the Fall semester before June 30.
  • Activate a four-month payment plan for the Spring semester before October 31.
  • Activate a three-month payment plan for the Spring semester before November 30.


The payment plans apply only to the live class registration.  There is a separate payment plan for the annual enrollment in St. Thomas Aquinas Academy.  Also, the payment for the STAA Study Guides is due in full at the time of ordering and is not included in live class registration payment plans.  Since live class students receive a 10% discount on the STAA Study Guides, we recommend registering for live classes before ordering the STAA Study Guides—this means using the “pay in full at time of registration” option or activating a payment plan.

  • STAA Study Guides

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